GloryWay Quartet

GloryWay Quartet

GloryWay Quartet GloryWay Quartet GloryWay Quartet

Mansfield, OH




SGN Scoops Diamond Awards


"I've so enjoyed working with the GloryWay Quartet.  I believe they love the Lord and desire to share this wonderful message of hope through great music."

-Arthur Rice

Kingdom Heirs

"During over 20 years of pastoring and promoting gospel music concerts, I have become well acquainted with just about every group in the business. The GloryWay Quartet is one of the most exciting and dynamic groups to burst on the scene in a long, long time. Great songs, perfect harmony, delivered with Spirit filled power, make them a fan favorite of all who are blessed to hear them.  Pastor, promoter, event coordinator: You will not go wrong by booking my good friends, The GloryWay Quartet, for your event - I give them my highest recommendation."

-Jim McComas

Executive Director/CEO of Free Will Baptist Family Ministries 

"The GloryWay Quartet is not just entertainment, it's laughter, fellowship, and a moving of God's Holy Spirit in our midst while we usher in the glory of the Lord."
Pastor Jonathan

Pittsfield Community Church


SGN Scoops Diamond Awards


"Remember the days of "Big" quartet sounds?  Well, they're back!  Welcome the Diamond Award winning GloryWay Quartet!"

-Les Butler

Butler Music Group 

“Gloryway Quartet is one of the finest male quartets in the country. Not only do they have a great sound, but they love the Lord and have hearts in tune with Him.” 

-Tom & Joann Willis

Senior Life Pastor

Thomas Road Baptist Church

Lynchburg, VA

"Our church family absolutely loves the music and ministry of GloryWay Quartet. We have gotten to know them over the many years they have come to perform for our local church and community. These four Godly men are so humble, loving and caring. We consider them our friends, just a part of our great big family. You will be truly blessed by them."

-Pastor Jeff Gilkerson 

Lead Pastor New Covenant Worship

SGN Scoops Diamond Awards

SGN Scoops Diamond Awards

SGN Scoops Diamond Awards

    Gloryway Quartet, who won the Sunrise Quartet of the Year, were asked to open the awards show with some singing.  Justin Crank from Gloryway reported that it was an honor just to be asked to be part of the Diamond Awards.

    “We didn’t think we had a chance at winning.  We just want to give God glory first and a thank you to all of our fans and family for their love and support,” said Crank. 

A New Beginning

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